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The podcast - live

“Business development in consulting firms: Trends and Challenges in 2022 “

📅 May 20th, 1.00 pm CET, Zoom

You’ve listened to the podcast – great! Now take the next step, and join Ash, Flo, and their guest Luk Smeyers live for the recording of S11E5,

"Bizdev 2022"

Where we explain how service buying and consultancy business development have changed (again), and how to respond to it.

Wondering how you could grow your firm even further, faster in 2022? Then this will be the episode for you!


A live show to help you grow 😋

Join Ash Mohd, Flo Heinrichs, and their guest, Luk Smeyers (founder, thevisibleauthority.com) for an in-depth discussion of “modern” marketing and business development and how to build it within your firm… live!

It’ll be a quick, intense, and fun update on consultancy business development strategy and execution for consulting leaders and their marketing execs.

Your friendly hosts:

Ash, one of the hosts of unbillable hours

Ash Mohd,

Flo, one of the hosts of unbillable hours

Flo Heinrichs,
client friendly

Luk, founder of thevisibleauthority.com and our guest

Luk Smeyers,

Ask, connect, and learn!

Tune in and be part of the conversation as the three of them will discuss with you and your peers:

  1. How the buying of (and, therefore: business development for) consulting services has changed, yet, again…
  2. What this means for both business developers within the practice, and for the marketing teams they work with …
  3. Why – and how – you should change your existing marketing and bizdev systems to deliver higher impact and more growth.

"Wait, wait wait... who's this for?"

We’ll cover all of the above by sharing insights, tips and best practices for consultants, consultancy execs, and marketers from firms of (almost) all sizes, i.e.: mid-sized to big to, like, really big.

You’ll have the opportunity to meet us, meet like-minded peers, and ask any questions you might have.

"That's great, where do I sign up?"

Uh… here. Just click the button and we’ll take you to our Zoom-Call registration form.

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We’re looking forward to meeting you on May 20th, 1.00 pm CET!