unbillable hours – the podcast

So, your job is to market a consultancy?

Excellent – we have something just for you. Care to check it out?

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A podcast to help you win.

“unbillable hours” is all about selling business services through better, more effective marketing. 

You know, the kind which gets clients through the door, competitors on edge, and the practice to respect you.

Oh, and: it’s free, and created by two folks who have nothing to sell (we have jobs, mind you).

Care to give it a try?

'Why would I even listen?'

Oh, come on!

You can always improve. And chances are – you should. Because, let’s face it: Most firms’ marketing, uh, could be better.
More strategic. More… effective.

So, here’s your chance: Listen to this podcast. Find things you could fix within  your firm.  And then: fix them.

Become the marketer who did grow the firm.

We swear it makes for a great career.

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*Here's what you'll get:

How this blog will help you? With the best tips for marketing consulting services we** can find elsewhere. More specifically: 

If it’s strategy, we’ll do it – and chat about it here. So… expect tips and tricks for ideal client definition, firm and practice positioning, messaging, and strategic planning (yay, planning!)

Ah, our favorite buzzword! If you’re tasked with creating and distributing points-of-view, thought leaderhip messages, and TL programs, then this here will be for you… stay tuned!

Ah, yes… digital marketing! The not-so-forte of most consulting firms! We’ve learned a few things about PPC (over-)spend, and continue to experiment with how not to do it. Hear it all here!

We’re all managers here, right? So we’re interested in function- and team management, working with biz-dev and “the business”, and all the other crazyiness that is “working at the firm.”

**And here's us:

We’re Ash and Flo, two professional services marketers, just like you.

Currently running a bunch of programs for what might be the biggest firm in the market, our jobs have been about “marketing consulting firms” for more ten years now.

Which is our way of saying: We know what we’re writing about.

We’ll try our best to make this podcast one of the better ones in our tiny industry, and well worth your while.

At the very least, we’ll save you the bunch of time and effort you’d have to put in if you were to read about, experiment with, and fail at a all the stuff we’ve messed up just to get here.

So, save yourself some time?