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Fresh episodes (yay!):

S20E1 – *Minisode* Posting effectively

In this episode, Ash and Flo chat about the difficulties of getting your organic social media posts to work these days… and then share a framework that helps you write effective posts. Plus, we also talk about how AI-generated content can help optimize your posts…

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S19E5 – Repurposing assets

Need new insights, content ideas – or even content pieces? Don’t go off and reinvent the wheel… use the assets your firm already has instead! Our seven tips for “where to find” ideas, expertise, and collateral you can repurpose will help:

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S19E4 – Marketing misconceptions

We’re not saying this is always the case… BUT: Sometimes, when consultancy marketing efforts seem to “not do much,” it’s not marketing’s (or: marketers’) fault – but the consequence of misconceptions. Here’s more:

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S19E3 – Justifying investment

“How can I convince a consultancy exec who ‘doesn’t believe in marketing’ to invest in marketing?” is a question both Ash and Flo are hearing more often these days – and so we decided to answer it, comprehensively, in a single episode. Enjoy!

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S18E5 – Winning TL

With the economy changing again …  should firms update their Thought Leadership strategies? Ash and Flo asked this very question to an expert who should know because he’s just researched it: Here’s our new episode with Grist’s Andrew Rogerson!

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