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Fresh episodes (yay!):

S18E1 – Client journeys

Continuing our miniseries about “digital-first” marketing strategies, Ash and Flo discuss the now-more-important-than-ever discipline of “client journey design” … and share 10 questions consultancy marketers should ask themselves:

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S17E5 – Strategizing (a case study)

We’ve been discussing “digital-first” bizdev and marketing for a bit now… and we’re getting even more into the weeds of the concept with this one: Ash and Flo discuss how you might derive a “digital-first” marketing strategy using a real-world example from Flo to keep things (hopefully) helpful and practical. Do give it a listen and tell us what you think?

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S17E2 – Avoiding mistakes

It’s the New Year – and, therefore, time to reflect on how to improve our consultancy marketing game in the next 12 months. But Ash and Flo are still on PTO, and, frankly, still a bit lazy… So they turn to the GPT3-Chatbot to ask it which mistakes they should avoid in 2023.

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S16E5 – Starting podcasts

Ever wondered “how the sausage gets made?” Like, you know, as in: this podcast is the sausage, and our processes (and results) are the “how”? Well, you’re in luck, because Ash and Flo are about to share it all in this episode…

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