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Fresh episodes (yay!):

S12E15 – Building teams

So, you’ve just been tasked with building a marketing team… from scratch? Then this episode is for you (especially if you’re being asked questions like “what roles should we create?”, or “who should we hire first?”)!

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S6E3 – Business alignment

In this “season intermezzo”, Ash and Flo discuss how they (and you) could take some of the insights from previous episodes – and then use it to build that  “better alignment with the business” the two of them keep talking about.

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S6E2 – Gettin’ strategic

Can your marketing function ever push beyond the “grunt work” – and graduate from order-taker to strategic advisor? We asked someone who should know: former consultant, firm CMO, and strategy consultant Jeff McKay. He did give us (some) hope – and shared a bunch of tips you should hear:

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S6E1 – Leadership notes

Ever wondered what the practice leadership thinks about marketing? Well, in this episode, you can hear the answer – from no other than Eric Schaeffer, consultant extraordinaire, published author, and former senior managing director at a major (like, major-major) consulting firm. Listen to him share his notes on firm marketing, and how to manage it!

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S5E5 – Upselling, pt. 2

We promised to bring Ute back for a second session during our “Upsell messaging” episode, to flesh out our wild mix of her account planning framework and Flo’s storytelling process. And with this epsiode, we do! Listen in to hear how you the two run workshops to execute our “upselling method” (ahem).

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S5E4 – Processes, processes

“You seem sure do talk about processes and frameworks a lot… could you, like, elaborate?” was an excellent question we recently got from a fellow consultancy marketer. And so… we use this episode to elaborate. Listen in to hear which processes we use in the day-to-day!

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S5E3 – Service design

And. We. Are. Back! Ash and Flo return from their summer breaks to discuss a book they both read on the beaches of Europe (so to speak) – Lou Downe’s “Good Services.” And, no: this isn’t a paid book promo or anyhting… Just the two of them sharing the best “service marketing” insights from the title.

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S5E2 – Recruitment marketing

Continuing our series of “workshop” episodes, Ash and Flo use S5E2 to discuss consultancies’ recruitment marketing – and how to improve it. Why, you ask? Because bringing in fresh talent is a pressing challenge for many firms right now, and marketing can help overcome it. Listen in to hear the two discuss how to fix recruiting content, distribution, job ads, and more – and see if you find some ideas for your practice? They even mention reddit and TikTok!

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S5E1 – Upsell messaging

In this “workshop session,” Ash, Flo, and friend of the show Ute Wellenberg brainstorm how marketers might help the business “upsell” accounts and win bigger deals through better messaging. Listen to the three build out ideas for a messaging framework, and hear how you could bring it to account teams and strategy meetings early on!

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