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Fresh episodes (yay!):

S9E4 – Firm SEO

Let’s chat about “search”, shall we? Ash and Flo discuss the role of SEO, PPC, etc. in firm marketing, plus some ideas for how to view and use search marketing. Oh, and: They go a bit off script, too … you’ve been warned!

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S9E3 – Case study

Care for a case study in “firm marketing, done right”? We spoke with Thomas Rohrbach, co-founder and MD at NEONEX, a German industry digitalization consultancy, and Noah Haxel, the firm’s marketing manager. Together, we discuss NEONEX’ marketing strategy and brand-building journey, its focus on “positioning” – and why they offer “packaged” consulting services with pricing (!) on their website.

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S9E2 – Marketing struggles

Let’s talk about the stuff which gets in the way, shall we? Ash and Flo sum up the biggest “marketing struggles” (i.e., challenges around marketing effectiveness) they’ve come across both in their careers, and offer a few pointers for how to overcome them.

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S9E1 – Building authority

Here’s the thing: You’ll never be able to do effective marketing if “the business” doesn’t do their part to build “authority” for the practice. But… how, exactly, do they do that? We’ve asked former consulting executive and authority expert Luk Smeyers – and he had some answers you wouldn’t want to miss!

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S8E5 – Management processes

Continuing their chat about “process stuff,” Ash and Flo share a few insights into how they think about building processes not just for content production, but for running their teams / their team’s day-to-day. Care to listen in?

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S8E4 – Production processes

Enough with the planning already – it’s time to start implementing everything you’ve said you’d deliver in 2022! But… wait: What was the best way to get from “planning” to “traction” without dropping too many balls again? Ash and Flo discuss a process you might like to copy:

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S8E3 – CRM 101

We’re back for the new year – and we’re not alone! Kira Tchernikovsky joins Ash and Flo to kick off 2022 with some practical advice around how to work with (and in) your firm’s CRM. Listen in to hear how you could start working with hard sales and business data in the new year!

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