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Fresh episodes (yay!):

S7E5 – Reading habits

Trust us: If you create any “Thought Leadership” content at all, you’ll want to miss this episode. Because in it, Ash and Flo hear from Andrew Rogerson , who regularly surveys executives about their TL expectations, preferences, and, yes: reading habits. Listen in to learn what your clients want to read, and how!

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S3E1 – The future of content

Say hello to our first guest on the show, ever: Will Eke from Passle! We asked him about his insights into how consultancies create their content, how they get their experts involved – and how they might improve all of it, big time.

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S2E5 – Branding something

Surprise release! In this new, “launches on a Wednesday”-episode, Ash takes Flo through his “brand pyramid” framework for branding… well, anyhting, pretty much. Pretty useful if you’ve been tasked to “brand” (or: create messaging for) things like service offerings, a practice… or the firm?

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S2E4 – Review meetings, continued

Yeah, more meetings! In this second of our two-part piece on review meetings, Ash and Flo continue their “how would you prepare this fictional review session” exercise, and share some more tips about prep, agenda setting, and all the other “blocking and tackling” you’ll need to succeed.

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S2E3 – Review meetings

So, let’s say it’s that time of the month / quarter / year again – and you have to go into a planning- or review meeting with the practice. How should you prepare? Well, we don’t know. But we can share how we do it, of course – and in this first part of a two-part piece on review meetings… we do!

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S2E2 – Buyer’s journey

Ah, the buyer’s journey … a classic! Ash and Flo revisit the topic, and discuss where consulting firms might be missing “journey-related” opportunities. Plus, Ash, uh, gets into why “integrated planning” ≠ “strategic planning”.

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S2E1 – Growth models

“You’re back already?” – heck yes we are! Ash and Flo kick off season two by discussing how to build a “growth model”… which is fancy speak for defining how much of your firm’s growth expectation should be met by marketing (i.e.: you). Is it 5 percent, 10, or 25? Listen in to find out!

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S1E5 – Strategic planning

In this last episode of season one, Ash and Flo discuss “strategic marketing:” why it’s important, how firms should do it – and why strategic planning is different from “integrated planning.”

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S1E4 – Product-led growth?

Since “product-led-growth” is becoming an ever-hotter issue elsewhere in b2b marketing, Ash and Flo discuss how consultancies could pull off something similar. Includes a blockchain idea!

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