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Fresh episodes (yay!):

S11E2 – (R) Stakeholder management

You manage projects, right? So how’s your stakeholder management? In this re-broadcast of one of our S1 episodes, Ash and Flo riff on why things like stakeholder mapping and comms tend to be, uh, underutilized in consultancy marketing efforts, and how you can do better to save yourself some headaches.

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S11E1 – The answer

Ever heard the question, “so what does marketing even do for the firm?” If yes, you’re not alone. And if you still need a compelling way to reply, this episode will help. Listen in to hear Ash and Flo break down “the answer”:

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S10E5 Must-have mechanisms

Getting your marketing strategy right can make or break your firm … so let’s ensure you’re getting it right! Ash and Flo give you the 10 capabilities – or “mechanisms” every consulting firm should have within its marketing function.

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S10E4 – Marketing marketing (again)

Ash and Flo revisit the – highly important – issue of marketing marketing, internally. How do you make a compelling case to shift to a more strategic, marketing-driven bizdev model? Spoiler: by having three very specific conversations …

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S10E3 – Teething issues

Helping a firm grow some serious “strategic marketing fangs” isn’t for the faint of heart. Ash and Flo discuss the phases you’ll have to push through if you’re to build a strategic marketing capability for your firm – and share tips for how to do it.

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S10E2 – Leading thoughts

Bob Buday has been involved in some of the most impressive successes in “thought leadership”. He also just published a book about the discipline – which gave Ash and Flo permission to invite him for an interview 😉…

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S10E5 – Measuring success

“Link marketing to revenue” is much easier said then done – so. how can you work towards it? Listen to Ash and Flo discuss how you should break your measurement efforts into “phases” and progress from measuring cost and efforts to conversions, to business metrics.

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S9E5 – Content creation

How can you help the practice create better content, more consistently, and at higher frequency? If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, listen to this episode – because we went and asked SGP Lab’s Stephen G. Pope, who has all the answers (including TikTok stuff!).

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