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Fresh episodes (yay!):

S12E15 – Building teams

So, you’ve just been tasked with building a marketing team… from scratch? Then this episode is for you (especially if you’re being asked questions like “what roles should we create?”, or “who should we hire first?”)!

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S8E1 – Resignation woes

Oh, my … recruitment – hiring – retention – ouch! Professional services firms (and their marketing teams) struggle with “The Great Resignation”, too – and Ash and Flo discuss a few ideas for dealing with it. Check it out!

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S7E5 – Reading habits

Trust us: If you create any “Thought Leadership” content at all, you’ll not want to miss this episode. Because in it, Ash and Flo hear from Andrew Rogerson, who regularly surveys executives about their TL expectations, preferences, and, yes: reading habits. Listen in to learn what your clients want to read, and how!

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S7E4 – Saying no

Truth: If you work in consultancy marketing, you will get sh#tty requests at times – asks for stuff neither you nor your time should spend any time on. So… how do you say “no” to these when they come your way – constructively?

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S7E3 – Hiring agencies

Ah, yes – agencies. They can be key players driving epic success, and often are. Or … they can struggle, and don’t help much at all – in which case, it’s often our (the firm marketers’) fault. So, let’s try to do better – and be smart about when, why, and how to hire them:

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S7E2 Publishing excellence

We’ve all at least dabbled in thought leadership, right? And we’ve all wondered “how do you, like, really hit this out of the park?” at least once. Well… in this episode, Ash and Flo speak to someone who has some answers, and the track record to go with them. Listen to their chat with Neelima Mahajan, corporate publishing expert and current editor-in-chief of Roland Berger’s “Think:Act” magazine here:

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S7E1 – Strategic thinking

Ash and Flo take a break from interviewing guests… and discuss why consultancy marketers should be able to think like business strategists instead. Listen in to hear why marketing can’t fix what a sh#tty strategy has broken, and where you should focus on to help mending things.

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S6E5 Ask Brian

Like, seriously: Do ask him… or “it,” to be precise: Ask Brian is an AI-Assistant designed to help consultants and consultancy marketers get sh#t done… and it’s finding more and more friends among professionals. We wanted to know what all the fuss was about – so we asked Ask Brian founder and CEO Pavol Sikula to join us and explain. Oh, and we discussed marketing, too!

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S6E4 – Content strategy

It’s 2021… and, therefore, time for more modern, data-informed, and flexible content strategies. But, how, exactly, would you build one of these? We didn’t know … and so asked someone who does: Brad Yale, a data and content strategy expert, stopped by to share his insights setting up, budgeting for, and iterating on content strategies, 21st century-style. It’s ok to take notes!

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