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Fresh episodes (yay!):

S7E5 – Reading habits

Trust us: If you create any “Thought Leadership” content at all, you’ll want to miss this episode. Because in it, Ash and Flo hear from Andrew Rogerson , who regularly surveys executives about their TL expectations, preferences, and, yes: reading habits. Listen in to learn what your clients want to read, and how!

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S4E4 Starting marketing

Consulting firms tend to be sales-driven. But… almost all of them also need marketing to grow beyond a certain size. So – how do you “switch on” the function, a strategy, and programs which work? We asked Mark Cowan, co-founder of innovation consultancy “happen”, how he did it back in the day – and he had some very surprising, very thoughtful answers. Don’t miss them!

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S4E3 – Social content

Join LinkedIn’s Bian Salins and us for an insightful conversation about how content distribution is turning social, why content creation will go back to subject matter experts, and what it all means for consultancy marketers and their work.

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S4E1 – Marketing “transformation”

It’s a common but tough one for firm marketers: how do you sell something as complex, hard, and often misunderstood as “transformation”? We asked Sach Gajree, Head of Transformation at Kyocera UK (and therefore “on the client side”) how he thinks we should do it. Brilliant insights inside!

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S3E5 – Interviewing clients

Now, we often talk about how firm marketers should talk to clients more often. But then… we’re no experts in doing that well (i.e., in a very productive manner). So we invited someone who is – and spoke to Andrew Swallows about his tips for conducting “voice of the customer” type research.

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S3E4 – Complex services

“Ok, so: How do you market an uber-complex b2b service to a super-heterogenous target group?” – was (roughly) the question we asked delivery-as-a-service platform Gophr’s CEO, Seb Robert, and his marketing director Chris Mason for this one. Listen to their compelling answers here:

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S3E3 – Account planning

Strategic account management – if well executed – is one of the best ways to win new work for a firm. Which is why we invited friend of the show and account strategy expert Ute Wellenberg to explain how she drives effective account planning. And, well … Let’s just say: If your job is to market a consultancy – you can’t miss this episode!

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S3E2 – Key trends

We were curious about which trends are changing professional services markting, like, right now. So we asked someone who has a handle on them: Silverback Strategy’s John Tyreman, a researcher-of-firm-marketing-turned-firm-marketer. And… he had some great answers!

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