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Fresh episodes (yay!):

S12E15 – Building teams

So, you’ve just been tasked with building a marketing team… from scratch? Then this episode is for you (especially if you’re being asked questions like “what roles should we create?”, or “who should we hire first?”)!

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S12E4 – Fixing events

It’s 2022, Covid is, uh… sort of behind us (not really though) – and firms are hosting in-person events again… only to realize that, well, they don’t always run quite as smoothly as they used to do. Why? And how do we fix it? Ash and Flo discuss:

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S12E3 – Systematizing sales (2/2)

Let’s discuss CRM software! And, like, the real questions: What to look for in it? How to choose one for your firm? And what to be aware of before buying and implementing one? In this part two of our “sales” mini-series, Mark Wainwright walks Ash and Flo through all of the above:

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S12E2 – Systematizing sales (1/2)

Does your firm run a systematic sales process? And if so – do you fully understand it? If the answer is “uh… not sure” (or even “no”), then this episode with consultancy sales expert Mark Wainwright is for you: Lots of highly practical tips in this one!

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S12E1 – Picking channels

“Ok, but… which channels should our firm be on? Like, LinkedIn… Instagram… what else?” – It’s a question we sure here a lot, and one which came up again during our recent live show recording. So, Ash and Flo revisit it once again, and give their answer (which, spoiler alert, is all about changing the question!)

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S11E5 – Bizdev 2022

How should firms do business development in 2022? Ash, Flo and their guest Luk Smeyers discuss this very question from the two perspectives of “the business” and “marketing,” and share their answers. Recorded in front of an awesome live audience!

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S11E4 – Funnel repairs

Whether you believe in the “marketing funnel” or not – Ash and Flo think it’s still a helpful, practical concept… and they’re also convinced most consulting firms could improve theirs. How, exactly? Well… here are their tips:

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S11E3 – Marketing plays

We’ve been speaking a lot about why marketing is so critical to consultancy growth… so let’s move on – and talk about how to market your firm in 2022! In S11E3, Ash and Flo discuss all things lead-gen vs. demand gen, and which “marketing play” is the best one for your consultancy.

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