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Fresh episodes (yay!):

S21E2 – Remodeling marketing

And here it is (finally, sigh!): In this episode, Ash and Flo present their model for what, exactly, “strategic” consultancy marketing is and how it works within a firm. It’s a bit of a tying together of lots of loose ends from previous episode into something coherent – and we sure hope it’ll be helpful to you and your work.

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S21E1 *Minisode* – Planning reactions

“Ok, what are we doing for Father’s Day tomorrow,” asks the managing partner for the first time ever as he steps into the marketing office… the evening before. Ever had something like that happen to you? Then listen to our tips for preventing it from happening ever again here:

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S20E5 – Training folks

Is your marketing function providing in-house trainings to consulting colleagues? If not… you might want to consider changing that. Listen to Ash’s and Flo’s reasons for why marketers should train consultants and their tips for how and in what. They even share some tips for how to get your ”training service” started!

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S20E4 *Minisode* – Segmenting markets

It’s still an under-utilized source of differentiation, marketing success, and firm growth: Proper market segmentation. We mean the kind where you DON’T just go after entire industries but create much more helpful sub-segments to increase your marketing’s effectiveness. And in this minisode, we explain how you can get to them by viewing your market through four simple “lenses.”

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S20E2 *Minisode* – Mapping content

Next up: How to map your consultancy’s content to the service buying journey of your ideal clients, and improve the effectiveness of your inbound efforts (like, literally, that’s what’s in this week’s minisode: We discuss the why, how, and what to watch out for when mapping your content to your clients’ service buying journey… let’s go!):

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S20E3 – Engaging comms

We speak about “stakeholder engagement” a lot on this podcast. And in this episode, Ash and Flo bring it home – to “corporate comms.” Listen to hear their views and tips around working with the function to improve your marketing results!

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S20E1 – *Minisode* Posting effectively

In this episode, Ash and Flo chat about the difficulties of getting your organic social media posts to work these days… and then share a framework that helps you write effective posts. Plus, we also talk about how AI-generated content can help optimize your posts…

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