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Fresh episodes (yay!):

S29E5 – Shaping PoVs

unbillable hours – the podcast Does your consultancy have a point of view on its clients’ industry, business, and challenges yet? No? Well, then, this

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S24E5 – Productizing services

Has your firm “productized” its services yet? If not, then this episode will hopefully change that – because our guest, Luk Smeyers, explains not only why you should do it and to which ends – but also shares tips for getting started:

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S24E2 – Creating PoVs

Does your firm have a “Point-of-View?” No? Or: not sure? Well, then it’s high time we change all of that – starting with this very episode: Listen to Ash and Flo explain what a “PoV” is, why you need one, and how to create yours:

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S23E3 – Finding flaws

Still not happy with your consultancy’s marketing performance? Then follow Ash and Flo along the causal chain of issues causing your pain – in this full-fledged “causal chain analysis” where, when, and how professional services marketing breaks down.

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