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S11E2 – (R) Stakeholder management

You manage projects, right? So how’s your stakeholder management? In this re-broadcast of one of our S1 episodes, Ash and Flo riff on why things like stakeholder mapping and comms tend to be, uh, underutilized in consultancy marketing efforts, and how you can do better to save yourself some headaches.


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Voices, production, etc. by Ash and Flo.
Creative and design advice by @calmar.creativ
Into, outro voiceover by @iamthedakota
Music also by @iamthedakota


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Ash and Flo revisit the – highly important – issue of marketing marketing, internally. How do you make a compelling case to shift to a more strategic, marketing-driven bizdev model? Spoiler: by having three very specific conversations …