S13E5 – Answering FAQs

Have a burning question about professional services marketing, about or a career in the field? Then listen to this episode, because Ash and Flo might answer it … in their first ever “answering somewhat-random, web scraped questions” show (a.k.a. “the reddit episode”):

S13E4 – Finding insights

If you’ve been listening to “unbillable hours,” you know Ash and Flo keep going on about how consultancy marketers need to “bring client insight to everything they do.” So, here are 11 tips for where you could find some – even without a budget.

S13E3 – Driving research

Let’s say you’re finally there – and have an issue, some questions, and even a nice budget to drive… your first extensive market or thought leadership research program. How’d you do it? And how would you ensure success? We asked someone who knows because he does these things for a living:

S13E2 – Unit economics

You can say “marketing is an investment!” as often as you like – you’ll likely not convince practice leaders unless you back your assertion up with some hard, hard numbers. But… which numbers? And, how to get them? Listen to this step-by-step walkthrough by Ash and Flo to learn how to use “unit economics” to make your case:

S13E1 – Changing course

So you’re halfway through your consulting firm’s marketing plan for the year – and suddenly, things shift. Now, you have to react, re-plan, and course-correct. How, exactly, do you do that? Ash and Flo share a framework of steps you can take, and even through in the odd book recommendation:

S12E15 – Building teams

So, you’ve just been tasked with building a marketing team… from scratch? Then this episode is for you (especially if you’re being asked questions like “what roles should we create?”, or “who should we hire first?”)!

S12E4 – Fixing events

It’s 2022, Covid is, uh… sort of behind us (not really though) – and firms are hosting in-person events again… only to realize that, well, they don’t always run quite as smoothly as they used to do. Why? And how do we fix it? Ash and Flo discuss:

S12E3 – Systematizing sales (2/2)

Let’s discuss CRM software! And, like, the real questions: What to look for in it? How to choose one for your firm? And what to be aware of before buying and implementing one? In this part two of our “sales” mini-series, Mark Wainwright walks Ash and Flo through all of the above:

S12E2 – Systematizing sales (1/2)

Does your firm run a systematic sales process? And if so – do you fully understand it? If the answer is “uh… not sure” (or even “no”), then this episode with consultancy sales expert Mark Wainwright is for you: Lots of highly practical tips in this one!

S12E1 – Picking channels

“Ok, but… which channels should our firm be on? Like, LinkedIn… Instagram… what else?” – It’s a question we sure here a lot, and one which came up again during our recent live show recording. So, Ash and Flo revisit it once again, and give their answer (which, spoiler alert, is all about changing the question!)