S16E2 – Owning problems

unbillable hours – the podcast There’s a key trick you should pull whenever creating a marketing or thought leadership strategy for your firm and practice. And in this episode, Jason Mlicki, a true expert in professional services marketing, explains it in great detail: Apps See, you don’t have to watch this on Youtube – we’re […]

S16E 1 – Building budgets

Ah, a new season, how nice! We should celebrate, and … discuss budgets? Uh, ok… Tune in to hear Ash and Flo discuss which mindset you should bring to the end-of-year cost-projection frenzy, and which steps you could take to build a proper business case for your money:

*Bonus episode* – Engaging people

“Stakeholder management” is so easy to say. But how, exactly, do you do it – and well? Ash and Flo talk to friend of the show, Scott Renneberg, to find out… and Scott has some great tips to share:

S15E5 – Getting commercial

So, how “commercially minded” is your marketing team or function? And how comfortable are you discussing market- and business dynamics with the practice? If the answer is “not very,” – don’t fret: Ash and Flo will talk you through the habits you can build to become business savvy…

S15E4 – Fixing content

So your firm has driven a content program for months with discipline, but you’re still not seeing the expected results? Don’t worry; Ash and Flo have you covered – with their pro tips for fixing your content portfolio (and pieces):

S15E3 – Improving visibility

Ash and Flo have discussed “positioning” and “messaging” a number of times, and in a number of episodes. But how, exactly, should firms “get the word out” once they’ve defined it – and improve the visibility of their story and services? Listen to hear their two-part answer here:

S15E2 – Recession-proofing marketing

It’s pretty clear we’re headed for a broad, cross-industry downturn at this point… so, how should firm marketers respond? Ash and Flo discuss why changing your messages and offering is a must at this point, and how you should think about cutting cost within your own function.

S15E1 – Landing messaging

Let’s say you’ve just finished all the exciting work to create new messaging for your firm or practice – how should you go about “landing it,” i.e., publicizing it within the firm… and your markets?

S14E4 – Client cases

They’re the pillar of every consultancy’s marketing strategy – and they’re also pretty darn difficult to get right: Client case studies (or: “cases”)! If you’re struggling with getting enough of them together for your efforts, then this episode might help:

S14E3 – Driving value

Does “better marketing” mean “increased value” for the firm? We asked Michelle Swan, a partner at growth equity firm Tercera.io, because she a) knows marketing, and b) invests in professional services firms: