S17E2 – ChatGPT etc.

So, how will generative AI change professional services marketing? Ash and Flo discuss with Hinge Marketing’s Karl Feldman and Austin McNair.

S17E1 (R) – 10 capabilities

unbillable hours – the podcast Since we, uh… lost our original episode for today (which was all about “misconceptions”), Flo had to go back into the dusty archives and uncover this classic, which is about the capabilities and mechanisms your firm should have within its marketing function. Enjoy! Apps See, you don’t have to watch […]

S18E5 – Winning TL

With the economy changing again …  should firms update their Thought Leadership strategies? Ash and Flo asked this very question to an expert who should know because he’s just researched it: Here’s our new episode with Grist’s Andrew Rogerson!

S18E4 – Story design

Ash and Flo continue our mini-series about “digital-first go to market,” and discuss why, and how firms should design a consistent, cohesive story about their clients, their firm, and the services they offer, instead of whipping up disconnected messaging documents and talking points here and there.

S18E3 – Partnering up

unbillable hours – the podcast Let’s discuss “ecosystem” partnerships, joint go-to-market, and co-marketing with someone who’s crushing it with their consultancy, shall we? Ash and Flo interview Stitch’s Michael Burton about how his firm partners with software vendor, Twilio, to help clients digitalize their marketing. It’s a case study! Apps See, you don’t have to […]

S18E1 – Client journeys

Continuing our miniseries about “digital-first” marketing strategies, Ash and Flo discuss the now-more-important-than-ever discipline of “client journey design” … and share 10 questions consultancy marketers should ask themselves:

S17E5 – Strategizing (a case study)

We’ve been discussing “digital-first” bizdev and marketing for a bit now… and we’re getting even more into the weeds of the concept with this one: Ash and Flo discuss how you might derive a “digital-first” marketing strategy using a real-world example from Flo to keep things (hopefully) helpful and practical. Do give it a listen and tell us what you think?

S17E4 – “Digital-first”

unbillable hours – the podcast For this episode, we revisit a concept you’ve just heard about: “Digital-first” business development, marketing strategy, and marketing. What, exactly, is the concept about? How does it impact consultancy marketing? And which building blocks could you put in place to enable it? Listen to it here! Apps See, you don’t […]

S17E3 – Projecting ahead

unbillable hours – the podcast Alright, alright: It’s the new year, so we should spend at least some time thinking about what’s coming in the world of consultancy marketing. Which is why we invited a true industry expert with a firm view on all the trends we should know about: Luk Smeyers, founder of thevisibleauthority.com. […]

S17E2 – Avoiding mistakes

It’s the New Year – and, therefore, time to reflect on how to improve our consultancy marketing game in the next 12 months. But Ash and Flo are still on PTO, and, frankly, still a bit lazy… So they turn to the GPT3-Chatbot to ask it which mistakes they should avoid in 2023.