S28E5 – Effectuating (!) programs

unbillable hours – the podcast Ash and Flo kick off the first season by discussing the very basic, uh, basics: Defining how marketing contributes to a consulting firm’s growth. Listen in to learn how to explain the value of your work to “the business” … and maybe your parents, too?  Apps See, you don’t have […]

S28E4 – Categorizing services

unbillable hours – the podcast Are you thinking about your services in the same ways your clients do? And do you use the same words they use to describe them? Well, chances are, you’re not—or not anymore. Prospects’ categories for thinking about and searching for consultancy services are ever-changing, and Source Global Research’s CEO Fiona […]

S28E1 – Buying ads

unbillable hours – the podcast Ever considered LinkedIn ads for your firm or service? We certainly have… and we’ve learned enough about them to understand we’d need to have an expert explain them to us … which is why we invited Hannibal, who was kind enough to share his insights – here you go! Apps […]

S27E3 – Professionalizing bizdev

unbillable hours – the podcast Improving, i.e., focusing, strategizing, and scaling a firm’s business development efforts, can be a somewhat lengthy journey. Soo… how could you fast-track it? Listen to Ash and Flo discuss the journey, its usual stages, and what to do during which to get to where you’d like to be much quicker. Apps […]

S27E2 – Increasing engagement

unbillable hours – the podcast Unhappy with the business results you got from your firm’s content marketing efforts in 2023? Well, then, this is the episode for you! Listen in to hear Ash and Flo discuss where firms tend to go wrong with their content and what they could do to fix it. Includes examples! […]

S27E1 – Dressing windows

unbillable hours – the podcast Does your firm market all its greatest thinking? Or does it keep some stuff not just in the back of the shop? If it’s the latter – consider bringing some of it not just into the store but right up in front and into the “shopping window,” i.e., your marketing, […]

S26E5 – Reviewing ’23

Let’s close the books for ’23, shall we? (Ash and Flo discuss the year and share some podcast metrics to prove how kind y’all have been ot us. Thanks for listening!).

S26E4 – Multiplying Bizdev

Here you go, friends: A Christmas Episode (so to speak)! Well, ok – we’re not talking about Santa, but about Marketing as a “BizDev multiplier”… and explain why the discipline works in this way. But hey – maybe you can listen to it in a festive spirit?

26E3 – Growing further

unbillable hours – the podcast Consultancies grow through “stages,” just like every other business. But which stages exactly – and how should firm marketers behave during each? Ash and Flo discuss with Joe O’Mahoney, Prof. of consulting at Cardiff Business School, author, and consultant to boutique firms:   Apps See, you don’t have to watch this […]

S26E2 – Getting listed

unbillable hours – the podcast “Why don’t professional services firms win work?” Turns out this question – which is (almost) the title of a recent thinkpiece by research firm Source Global – has a lot to do with “marketing”… and Ash and Flo discuss why in this episode. Apps See, you don’t have to watch […]